Saturday, August 10, 2019

Hi everyone! Just a reminder, this Thursday is the solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For those of you in the Elmira and Horseheads area, Masses here at The Parish of the Most Holy Name of Jesus are:

          Wednesday, August 14
               5:30pm St. Mary 

          Thursday, August 15
               6:45am St. Mary Our Mother
               8am St. Patrick
               12:05pm Sts. Peter & Paul
               5:30pm St. Mary Our Mother

This week’s priests are:

SUNDAY 8/11 Michael Bausch
MONDAY 8/12 Peter Bayer
TUESDAY 8/13 Richard Beligotti
WEDNESDAY 8/14 Robert Beligotti
THURSDAY 8/15 Juan Benitez
FRIDAY 8/16 Philip Billotte
SATURDAY 8/17 Deceased Priests

And our prayer:

A Spiritual Mother or Father’s Self-Offering

Heavenly Father, I am inspired by the glorious witness of saints who went before me on the royal road of spiritual motherhood and fatherhood. I unite my offering to all the spiritual mothers and fathers of priests throughout the history of the Church. I pray that I can imitate their fidelity and fruitfulness in the handing down of the faith to two future generations.

Eternal Father, graciously keep my heart set on this intention of praying and sacrificing for holy priests that they may be victorious over the world the flesh, and the devil.

United with Jesus, I offer myself as an intercessor for priests in purgatory and for priests serving the Church now and in the future.

I beseech you to grant all priests and seminarians necessary grace to persevere in their ongoing formation and interior transformation.

When the priest holds the Sacred Host in his hands at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, grant that he may experience the love of the Most Holy Trinity enveloping him and be strengthened.

Heavenly Father, every time I see the priest elevating Your son Jesus in the Eucharist, I renew and ratify my self-offering for priests. It is my ardent and constant desire that You be glorified through the holiness of your priests.

I confide my self-offering prayer to You through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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