Sunday, June 6, 2021

I had the profound joy of attending as a friend and one of his fellow deacons were ordained to the priesthood this weekend.  What hope it gave me to see the continuation of apostolic succession, especially on this weekend when we celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.  We know that the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith, and without priests we would have no Eucharist.  Jesus Himself promised us that He would be with us always.  He fulfills this promise by giving us priests to be other Christs to us.

Please send me the names and dates of ordination of any new priests in your dioceses and I will happily add them to our prayer list.

The priests we are praying for in the Diocese of Rochester this week are:

SUNDAY 6/6               Pope Francis
MONDAY 6/7              Fr. Walter Wainwright
TUESDAY 6/8             Fr. Matthew Walter
WEDNESDAY 6/9       Fr. Walter Cushing
THURSDAY 6/10        Fr. Eugene Weis
FRIDAY 6/11               Fr. Thomas Wheeland
SATURDAY 6/12         Fr. Daniel E. White

Our prayer this week is adapted from the texts of the Solemn Mass of Ordination to the Sacred Priesthood of Jesus Christ.  May we all hold this prayer in our hearts for our priests, especially those recently ordained.  For all of you priests, think back to the day of your own ordination, and remember these words as they were prayed for you that day:

Hear us we beseech You Lord, our God, and pour out on these servants of Yours a blessing of the Holy Spirit and the power of priestly grace that those whom in the sight of Your Mercy we offer to be consecrated, may be surrounded by Your rich and unfailing gifts, through Christ our Lord.

Draw near O Lord, Holy Father, Almighty and Eternal God, Author of human dignity.  It is You who apportion all graces.  Through You everything progresses.  Through You all things are made to stand firm.  Grant we pray, Almighty God, to these your servants the dignity of the priesthood.  Renew deep within them the spirit of holiness.  By the example of their manner of life may they instill right conduct.  May they be faithful stewards of Your mysteries so that Your people may be renewed in the waters of rebirth and nourished from your altar, so that sinners may be reconciled and the sick raised up.  May they implore Your mercy for the people entrusted to their care, and for all the world.

May the Lord Jesus Christ who the Father anointed with the Holy Spirit and power, guard and preserve them, that they may sanctify the Christian people and offer sacrifice to God.  O God, Who have willed that Your priests should remain at the holy altar and serve Your people, grant by the power of this sacrifice we pray that the labors of Your servants may constantly please You and in Your Church bear fruit that lasts forever, through Christ our Lord.

By the anointing of the Holy Spirit You made Your only begotten Son High Priest of the new and eternal covenant, by Your wondrous design were pleased to decree that this one priesthood should continue in the Church.  For Christ not only adorned with the holy priesthood the people He has made His own, but with a brother’s kindness He also chooses men to become sharers in His sacred ministry through the laying on of hands.  They are to renew in his name the sacrifice of human redemption, to set before Your children the paschal banquet, to lead Your people in charity, to nourish them with the Word, and strengthen them with the sacraments.  As they give up their lives for You and for the salvation of their brothers and sisters, they strive to be conformed to the image of Christ Himself and offer You a constant witness of faith and love.

Have a blessed week,

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